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Radio Clash

This song is by The Clash and appears on the album Super Black Market Clash (1994).

This is Radio Clash
Stealing all transmissions
Beaming from the mountaintop
Using aural ammunition

With extreme prejudice
They try to terminate our mission
This is Radio Clash
Consider your position

Step it up, get down low

Breaking news flash
The whole country has been shot

Eagerly await illumination
From the Ministry of Whitewash
(Whiter than white)

Wait, wait
Don't switch over to death
Yes, we have the latest score
(Falkland Islanders?) 101, the home guard: 44

This is Radio Clash
And we count your thoughts
When lightning splits the sky in half
Sharper than a sword

And in the thundercloud
You see another cloud
Bones as black as sticks
Even angels were beheld on the morning of the sixth

Like buckets of water (... ????)
They've got a master plan
You build walls over there
And we'll come and knock 'em down

And he reaches the other side first
Gets a job in the dirty old town
And he reaches the other side first
Gets a job in the dirty old town

(Don't all rush at once)

This is not free
This is not free Europe
No, no, no, no, no
Nor an armed force network

This is Radio Clash
Stealing all transmission
Beaming from the mountaintop
Aural ammunition

A riggy diggy dig dang dang

This is Radio Clash
Stealing information
(?) ... Careful contemplation

Bribery, extortion
Lethal registration
Security is under lock and key
Accept no other explanation

This is Radio Clash
On pirate satellite
Orbiting your living room
Everybody hold on tight

Written by:

The Clash

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