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One More Time

This song is by The Clash and appears on the album Sandinista! (1980).

This song has been covered by The Fiery Furnaces under the title "One More Time".
Must I get a witness for all this misery?
There's no need to brothers everybody can see
That it's one more time in the ghetto you know
One more time if you please now
One more time to the dying man
They say one more time if you please

The old lady kicks karate
For just a little walk down the street
The little baby he knows kung fu
He tries it on those he meets
Cos' it's a one more time!

You don't need no silicone to calculate poverty
Watch when Watts town burns again
The bus goes to Montgomery

Cos it's a one more time in the ghetto
One more time if you please
One more time for the dying man
One more time to be free

Written by:

The Clash and Mikey Dread

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