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Love Kills

This song is by The Clash.

Walking out of England thinking you were king taking on this world
On that bus that goes through Mexico a killer love finds a sweet Mexican girl
But in Mississippi we rushed into the room
Down in Dixie you were crying for dope
Down in Alabama they like home cooked fare yeah
So we're gonna strap you to the fryin' chair yeah

But I don't know what love is
Is there something else giving me the chills?
But if my hands are the color of blood
Then, Baby, I can tell ya sure I can tell ya
Love kills
Love Kills
Love kills
Love Kills

Do you wanna hear all the sirens of the city drown the arguing?
We're on riker's island on a population board
They don't care about your fame

On the Rio Grande they'll tie you to a tree
Ooh-oh-oh x2
And you can't call the lawyers 'cause the whorehouse is asleep
Oh-oh-oh x2
You people will get weak
Oh-oh-oh x2
They'll throw you in a cell where you can barely breathe
Oh-oh-oh x2

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