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Capital Radio One

This song is by The Clash and appears on the album Black Market Clash (1980) and on the box set Clash on Broadway (1991).

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Capital Radio One
Yes, it's time for
The Doctor Goerbbles show

There's a tower in the heart of London
With a radio station right at the top
They don't make the city beat
They're making all the action stop

A long time ago there were pirates
Beaming waves from the sea
But now all the stations are silent
'Cause they ain't got a government license

Do you wanna tell your problems?
Phone in from your bedsit room
Having trouble with your partner?
Let us all in on the news

If you wanna hear a record
Get the word from Aiden Day
He picks all the hits to play
To keep you in your place all day

Capitol Radio (etc..)

In tune with nothing
In tune with nothing
In your place all day
Just a-lazing around all day
Ba-ba-ba-bummin' all day
Backstreet a-hear us out
Grab attention go and go against the town
It's such a crime
Is it a game?
We ain't got no rights
Slippin' of slipping off
Slippin' of slipping off
Slippin' of slipping off
Don't touch that dial
Don't touch that dial
Don't touch that dial
Don't touch that dial

Written by:

Joe Strummer and Mick Jones

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