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Give Me Tonight

This song is by The Clarks and appears on the album Strikes And Gutters (2001).

I'd give you the dawn, the morning, the afternoon
I'd give you the dusk, the evening, the quarter moon
I'd give you the days so things will turn out right
I'd give you the light
Give me tonight

I'd give up the drink, the drugs, the lies for you
I'd give you my voice you'd never asked me to
I'd give you the hands to paint this picture bright
I'd give up the fight
Give me tonight

Across that river by sunrise the road through the rain
To that mountain by sunset and search for my name
I won't be afraid
I've just seen your face

I'd get up the nerve, the guts, the balls to say
That you are the one, the muse, the light, the way
But since you're with him I'll keep it locked up tight
With all of my might
Give me tonight

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