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Boys Lie

This song is by The Clarks and appears on the album Another Happy Ending (2002) and on the live album Still Live (2006).

She said, boys, they can't be trusted,
I get so disgusted
She says it over and over
You stuttered and you hesitated
From there it all just escalated
It happened over and over

And she said
Boys lie, like the rug under my feet
White lies, every breath between your teeth
Fine line, between love and alibis... Boys lie

He made me this one great promise
But call me the doubting Thomas
She thought it over and over
You'll be mine, you'll be fine
Oh, for the rest of time
He promised over and over

There's nothing that a woman does
Just keep her faith because.
There's nothing that a man can say
Won't make you walk away
Ain't nothing that he can't undo
A little nudge, and a broken smile
Just staring back at you

When it comes to being trusted
She said, you're so busted
But now that it's over, it's over
I took a poll and you were graded,
Boys were highly overrated
It happens over and over

Boys lie, you can't be wrong
She wrote my favorite song
Boys lie, and it ain't good
Gettin' freaky like I knew we could
You gotta problem with that?
You gotta problem with that?
Love and alibi baby, 2002
You heard me...

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