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Born Too Late

This song is by The Clarks and appears…

Song of the Day
May 06, 2007
Vincent will you teach me how paint
Theresa will I ever be a saint
John I really think your songs are great
I was born too late

William will you teach me how to write
Cassius will you show me how to fight
Thomas A. I think I see the light
I was born tonight

I've had a hard time leaving this town
I've been losing everything that I've found
I'm gonna search the sky
Kiss the ground
Build it up and tear it back down

I've had a hard time leaving this place
I've been counting all the lines on my face
I'm gonna curse the sky
Hit the ground
What goes up comes tumbling down

Jimi show me how you play that thing
Elvis Presley will I ever be a king
Jerry all the joy and love you bring
I was born to sing

Martin Luther King show me the way
Jesus Buddha teach me how to pray
Christopher I think I see the bay
I was born today


Some of the references in the song (these are just educated guesses):

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