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Swinging Like Judas

This song is by The Clan Destined and appears on the album In the Big Ending (2006).

Preachers cheating people everywhere I look
Bleaching white the pages of a bloodstained book
Two thousand years of dogmatised hypocrisy
So now I think it's time we tried some new philosophy
I'm telling you

They teach of peace and love yet stoke the sulphurous pyres of war
Pray kiss this seal and glove that stroke drug money gun and whore
Pious liars have all deceived us bled the beggars fed the choosers
Our prayers shall have been heeded whence ye sinners swing like judas

Christian pagan hindu muslim sikh and jew
Just face these fundamental facts I preach at you
We've a duty to the future not to self destruct
We better learn to live as one or else this planet's fucked
I'm telling you

It suits the leader's needs when we fight amongst ourselves
For their sacrilegious greed we'll evoke such holy hells
But just who'll give a damn for your countless hours of prayer
When we face the fall of man witness our children in despair?

Priests incant and mullahs sing of armageddons they would bring
Yet overlooked one vital thing some day like judas they could swing
Hearts and minds the hate infuses none are winners all now losers
Walk the path that Satan chooses and in time you'll swing like judas

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