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​More Than War

This song is by The Clan Destined and appears on the album In the Big Ending (2006).

This is the season of omega
Prelude to what lies in store
Scream filled dreams a seething fever
New year's evil more than war

War's a beast which once released proves hard to re-contain
On the corpse of peace its jaws now feast bleached bare bones remain
No sum of hate could hope to sate not one cruel bloodied fang
So sent again to die for a god or lie our sons and brothers sang

War's a curse the fiend perverse like a pox it rots your mind
Our streets bleed red ten billion dead heed leaders numb and blind
Marching on went the joyous throng unaware they'd been betrayed
Through the gates of hell held 'neath a spell feigned victory parade

If you could know what I've been shown you'd quake to take my hand
I'll lead you through towns where you grew now burnt and barren land
From out the skies with flaming eyes descends a fearsome wraith
Who slays the fold both young and old respects not creed or faith

War's just a game to the men insane obsessed possessed by power
They pick the locks on pandora's box set your clocks to judgement hour
No life on earth has either rights or worth in this equation of desire
Too late we'll learn watch our planet turn to a blazing ball of fire