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​I Am Because We Are

This song is by The Clan Destined and appears on the album In the Big Ending (2006).

When each of us a shining star
Then teach I am because we are
Tribes up rise astride the blessed wind
Lives entwined by my clan destined

Soon we'll be gone the earth keeps on turning
Should this song live on long after we're dead
Let these words then be heard as fires still burning
Not buried beside me like burdens unshed

Join with us sisters and brothers
Hearts courageous welcome home
We judge not by creeds or colours
By your deeds ye shall be known

May history recall then we all
Were chosen those who'd awoken lived life for real
Facing the storm as children reborn
Would not for a throne of conformity kneel

Whence the cards weren't in our favour
Weaklings bleated mockers laughed
Some day soon this truth they'll savour
We are wheat whilst they're just chaff

It's time let's rhyme united pagan massive
Come together or forever remain impassive
Evolving revolution of heathen free thinkers
A moral obligation to abandon mental blinkers

Pricked ducked chucked on pyres of inquisition
Flesh and flame entwined in bestial coition
Demonised canonised a patron saint of sin
For facing then embracing the animal within