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Devil For A Day

This song is by The Clan Destined and appears on the album In the Big Ending (2006).

There's a part of me which hopes that christians got it right
That god is real and hell exists where sinners burn
'Cause then I know we'll meet again upon some flamelit starless night
Chained side by side to stand in line and wait our turn

I'd love to spend eternity in purgatory with you
Each breath of living death evokes a sweet nightmare it's true
Forever wracked with torment seems a paltry price to pay
If they'll let me be your devil for a day

'Tis often said the good die young that's how we'd live so long
And none deserve damnation more that we
So I'll raise a hearty toast when I feel my buttocks roast
Glad just knowing you're there suffering with me

Your pretty pleas for mercy I'm afraid will be in vain
We compliment each other like the martyr and his pain
My soul hangs in the balance let them have their wicked weigh
If they'll let me be your devil for a day

Love is blind unkind and stupid just another stunt for cupid?
Vile in the games we play purple patch black lines betray
Humans are such futile creatures shallow minded and capricious
Underhanded cruel deceitful hell is merely other people

They'll torture me without restraint
I'll take it all make no complaint
A smile across my broken face will play
If they'll let me be your devil
In my duties I would revel
If they'll let me be your devil for a day

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