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​A Beautiful Start To The End Of The World

This song is by The Clan Destined and appears on the album In the Big Ending (2006).

Strange though it may seem I've seen an angel
Perfection portrayed in the frame of a girl
To gaze in her eyes such a sweet way to die
A beautiful start to the end of the world

Sat here alone whilst our warheads were falling
I start to recall the dark spaces between
Life flashes before me, raw memories crawling
Your face the most wondrous I'd ever seen

In that very instant you burst through the door
No bombshell has hit with this impact before

You are the weapons of my mass distraction
This heart torn apart by this nuclear reaction
Resistance futile, no use in fighting
Sheer shock and awe at your thunder and lightning

I'd laugh as the blast came to vaporise me
Your exquisite smile is the last thing I see
Held safe in my arms kissing blissful goodbyes
Passion burns bright like a fire in the skies

What of my memories from this life I know?
They'll fade into nothing as I pray and grow
Your face still remains haunting spirit divine
Glimpse of lost love which could never be mine