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If I Told You Once

This song is by The City Shakeup and appears on the album Trigger Happy Slander (2013).

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Well here's a toast to you and me
And all the things we thought we'd be
Now written in our past

I swear we knew it all along
But held on hoping we were wrong
'Cause this was meant to last

But if I told you once, well you told me every single day
And now the dust has settled down on the broken and decay
We're holding on, keep holding on until we break away

Forget the words we never said
Forever hanging by a threat
Until the bitter end

Just like you always said to me
Just like you always said to me
There's only so much time can mend

And as we fall, we'll break these hearts once more
We'll tare them open, spill out on the floor
And as we fall, we know this fall will be the end

You'll be there when I fall, you'll be the last one watching me
I think I'll follow your advice, I'll take the truth at any price

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