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Kind Of Like Spitting - Out Of Harm's Way... Finally

This song is by The City On Film.

Salt and sugar sustains through the freeze
Your phone calls never bring me out of thick dreams
I can't be reasonable, say come here alone
Pull the phone from the outlet, and collapse in the hall
A hell of a ride if you seize it
It won't be the same if you leave it
Sleep with your door ajar, for the sound of any person or car
I slept on the sofa bed I never will again
I crept round the living room to tire my limbs
She hated that her balcony, that I could never be ok
When it broke us forever it all resembled TV
You know where you'll go when you leave here
You look tired with the keys in your hand
Afraid you might have missed her call
Ashamed that you missed her at all
It's not over by any means, but you can't do anything
I know it feels like shunning family, but some bridges are worth burning
Let i