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You Can Dance

This song is by The Cinematics and appears on the album Love And Terror (2009).

I've walked for miles in your eastern town
I can't stand it there, so don't shout me down
I thought I might find you, might try to explain
That we've been the victims and we cannot be to blame

We won't get any money from the government
They won't give us all we're due so now our cover is spent
They won't back down until we sell the farm
And come back with some needle-marks on our arms
Well, I know that you can dance
But what have you got to say?
I know that the world we've built together is broken
Maybe I've taken you for granted, left to much unspoken
But there's a red headed Elvis, he's been awake for days
He makes me feel so jealous, he believes every note he plays

And he wants for nothing but fortune and fame
He's the King Tut of this pyramid game
In his eyes I see apologies that make me think of you
What if we're more dangerous than all the boys you've known?
What if I'm the baddest seed that you have ever sown?
Tell your mother and your bother that tonight we are in love

I know that you can dance
But what have you got to say?
Where are your songs?

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