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This song is by The Chinkees and appears on the compilation Mail Order Is Fun! (1998).

We heard a loud sound from the ground
Making top news in town
Got scared, ran away
Got to live another day

Story read, someone dead
Any help to find a clue?
Did you see or hear anything different out there?

No one gives a call
Even though it was a busy street
People all around with survival as their own case

Fighting for your own self
And more shared togetherness
Two kids are lying dead with a bullet in their head

Now is the time we make some noise
Get our freedom back
Hold together, share together, backs together all the time
One more death is one too many

Our kids should be alive and running
Visions gone, feeling strong, no more gangs are out there gunning
Is this just a dream or am I in a fairytale?
I want to believe

See someone shoot a man
Don't want to be involved?
Why don't you watch and leave


Written by:

Park Michael B

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