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The Gardens Of The Blind

This song is by The Chasm and appears on the demo Awaiting The Day Of Liberation (1993).

I embrace the rays of the moon
The day before tomarrow...
Amongst the stars, enraptured
And the clouds are my home
I will not cease from mental fight
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand.
As I taste the bitter dust
The veil of sadness caresses me
Sleep on the gardens of the blind
I remember the child that I was
Tortured by the terrenal existence
Revenge, I feel th fexture of my hate
With the astonishing fly of my visions
I loved to ensoul the inner temple
To an odyssey for the ensphere
Summoning of my cold sun
The haze that sings with thee
Enter to the gardens of the blind
Where only falsehood reigns
Where the flowers are grey
Where in grief I forever dwell...

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