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Storm Of Revelations

This song is by The Chasm and appears on the album Procession To The Infraworld (2000).

In this melancholic soil
Eternal remains of tears and suffering
Are the seed that I once planted
And for the withering I can see
Insane and weak presence has been here,
But before I can glace the final domnation
They will experience the greatest punishment ever...
Falling from the gray skies
The perished decayed pieces of their beloved ones
Will reach their weak minds
And they will dwell together as one,
For a thousand eternities,
Burning in the universal path of disgrace
They will take my gift with utter respect and suffering,
With my cold melodies of depression at my side
The tideless seas are on sight.
Never a majestic treasure has been so damaged...
Be afraid, be very afraid, the strom is getting closer
And the revelations I have conjured
Are the cursed and heretic words of our Cult...

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