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Return Of the Banished

This song is by The Chasm and appears on the album Procession To The Infraworld (2000).

Afraid of the sinful twilight,
The bastard sons of mediocrity are behead one by one.
By our mace of dark steel and black ice,
Melted withn the blood of past tragedies,
The ultimate massacre of the false ones
(They) are behead one by one... with no mercy,
Marching for revenge, we the proudest,
Rise high the flames of victory,
Always guided by the eyes of the serpent with feathers,
Always procreating our liberation and destiny.
My castle made of skulls and bones,
And painted with the the endless of the defeated,
Afraid of the crimson twilight the bastard sons of mediocrity
Are behead one by one, (then we) rape the one
Who flies in the skies (the cursed paradise)
And destroy those who dwell in the underground fire,
Our cult is turning smaller
But growing stronger, we are the overlords.

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