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Entering A Superior Dimension

This song is by The Chasm and appears on the album Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm (2009).

And so it came to a burning end
As the three funerals arrived, bringing the ultimatum of life
Serenity empowered by misery, guided by the moondawn
A ritual of confessions, the decrepit aurora
Embodiment from constellations
We, the orphans of perdition, struggling for abolition
Lost in the damage and collapse
Making us forever rebuild this mission
The revelation's manifesto, entering the superior dimension
The cosmology and the passing of time
...Guide me ...
Scorching miles and miles of inferior opposition
Terminate the feeble obstacles as we felt the last superstition
Nevermore, thus spoke the hateful raven
... No defeat, nor surrender ...
And as the golden fire responds to my will
(You must) remember that nothing can change the past
Forever we are to roam in this curse
... And so the raven left my subconscious necromorphed as a darkened eagle
Declaring that the menace sleeps no more

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