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Conqueror & Warlord

This song is by The Chasm and appears on the album The Spell Of Retribution (2004).

Cast in pieces of liquid Wrath
The oblivion, the warning of a serenade
So deranged, the decay of my wounds
Scars of a lost reflective shadow
Once in fury, forever in grief
Once in sorrow, funeral is embraced
But how to overcomen the pure idea of being trapped, Conqueror...
As I reflect about the crushed age of memories gone
As I recall the cathartic frontier once my Soul passed...
Vociferations and imprecations, the discouraged cry for
My departed rendering, Warlord...
The reaction was futile, the Commanders and Scathers
Gathered for the privilege of Revenge.
(To Kill) some very feeble forms of pathetic rage
They perished in Agony and Ecstasy
For their ultimate Punishment, our Punishment to their Misery
WE judge those who once perverted the core
Perdition and no forgivness, final destiny and fate
A farewell to the Temple that Ruled the Empire
Commanding in Pain, I Have Returned...

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