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​You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty

This song is by The Charlatans UK and appears on the album Wonderland (2001) and on the album Forever: The Singles (2006).

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You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty
Show me the diamonds
Show me the gold
Call me the answer
Oh yeah
Call me anywhere
I don't have a care
This is my world

You're so pretty, we're so pretty

Show me the silver
Show me the gold
You taking my name "Angel"
Don't dissapoint me
I see you smiling
Tie up my elbows
No joke
Talking to the Devil
Talking to the Lord
For one sweet touch
Talking me to Heaven
Talking me to Hell
For your sweet touch

You're so pretty, we're so pretty
You're so pretty, oh so pretty

All the hours
Asking questions
Couldn't fit in
Wasting time
Keep coming back for a little more
I see you smiling
Feed me to the lions, I'll throw you to the floor
For one sweet touch
Diamonds in the rain
Will always be the same when there's a rainbow

You're so pretty, we're so pretty.

Written by:

Martin Blunt, Jon Brookes, Tim Burgess, Mark Collins, and Tony Rogers