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Only Teethin'

This song is by The Charlatans UK and appears on the album Tellin' Stories (1997).

I've been lookin' to save the city
Looks like the biggest thing
And now you seem like you're not so real
As the songs you give

So you pack up your bags and leave
To what seems like a better dream
It's alright we're only teething
Only young

Yeah since you came
Last week to say you're on your way
You don't have to say good luck
'cause I don't need it babe

The occasional sin
Is like your music my friend
And the singer
He don't look me in the eye

Is there a soul in young things
Or in the people you meet
I know you're obviously misbelieving
What you're saying is only right

Yeah, since you came
My sweet to say, you're on your way
You don't have to wish me good luck
'Cause I don't need it babe

Meanwhile, you're only dreaming
Me I've got something to see in
A heartache's as good as you feel it
And now you're on your own

I know I've been losing you
And it looks like I'll use you too
It broke in a million pieces

I've been to the promised land
And I shook the almighty hand
Who said it's alright you're only teethin'
In my eyes

Yeah, since you came last week
To say you're on your way
You don't have to say good luck
'Cause I don't need it babe

Written by:

Martin Blunt, Jon Brookes, Tim Burgess, Mark Collins, and Rob Collins

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