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Believe You Me

This song is by The Charlatans UK and appears on the album Some Friendly (1990).

With all the world developments
Why do they make me laugh at you?
And all the world can take you for
Is something else, you're so low

There's someone else inside of me
Who doesn't make me want to kill
And all the time you're pushing me
I never knew that you were ill

And all the time you think you're it
When you've got nothing else to give
Open it up and take it out
I'll never know what's under that

(Who was that) who killed your lover?
(Who was that) who killed your lover?

It wasn't me
It wasn't believe you me
Not me, not me, not me, not me
Who killed your lover
Who killed your lover
Not me, not me.

Written by:

Martin Blunt, Jon Brookes, Tim Burgess, and Rob Collins

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