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As I Watch You in Disbelief

This song is by The Charlatans UK and appears on the album Up at the Lake (2004).

I've been lost
And I've been forgotten
I fill my boots from time to time
You've been washed up like a million bottles
Been eating my own words
All my life
I never get a chance like this to tell you
But I pack a punch like I was seventeen
And I feel like a fool
For even listening to you

As I watch you in disbelief

White trash charm
And good time movies
There's no need to do me down
A broken man
Wait until you see him
I guess I've been gone a long long time
A vision like this should always move me
And legs like these should always be set free
I've been a fool for you
Now you're treating me so cool

As I watch you in disbelief

I guess I'm a lost soul rebel
Waiting to lead you astray
Just to know
That I know
I am no fool for you baby

As I watch you in disbelief

I feel good
Like an old time movie
Selling hot dogs
With no big dreams
But I'm just so glad
I'm getting back all I had

As I watch you in disbelief
And I get,
So out of touch,
When this feeling hurts so much
As I watch you in disbelief


Written by:

Martin Blunt, Jon Brookes, Tim Burgess, Mark Collins, and Tony Rogers

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