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Thursday's Child

This song is by The Chameleons and appears on the album Script of the Bridge (1983).

Where are we?
First and last, bound together in our past
Much too cruel, much too fast
Much too quick to anger

I suppose,years ago,years ago
I might have known
I suppose
Years ago

Traps laid bare in my face
Said to keep me in my place
Waved goodbye to the child and life it seems is colder

I suppose

Yes but what are you saying?
(please leave my mind intact)
Yes but what do you mean?
(as i slowly grow older)

Where are we each and all?
Creatures run and creatures crawl
Where are we each and all?
Spinning here, on this ball
Creatures run and creatures crawl

I suppose years ago, i might have
As i slowly grow older

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