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The Underwater World Of Asia X

This song is by The Caulfields.

The girl downstairs has no last name
She calls herself Asia X
Is she pretentious
Or is she just cryptic
Or is she on the run from the I.R.S.
But at night I feel the surges
And my sinking ship submerges
There's a tidal wave of urges to get wet

So dive right down
There is no net (you might get wet)
But anything you want
You jsut might get
Just beware those emotional wrecks
In the underwater world of Asia X

Nine locks on her door are there to protect her
From all of the boys in her mind
Eight to confound the building inspector
And one just for the broken heart I left behind
But I can't forget that waterbed
Or that kinky coral reef
And I can't believe the things she said
Between those deep soul kisses in the sea


Put that conch shell up to your ear
You can hear Asia sigh
Put that conch shell up to your ear
You can hear Asia scream why why why
But I never hear her crying
For that pickled heart of mine
And she spends her life denying
While the tears just blend with the brine

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