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This song is by The Caulfields.

Ask a little girl if she wants a piece of candy
And you'll find yourself in front of a lynch mob or a jury
And they'll read the riot act along with your Miranda warning
And no one's come to bail you out
And it's already morning

But you've got to chalk it up to paranoid society
No one lets you get too close
Coz they don't wanna catch your disease

A White girl loves a Black boy and her parents can't believe it
Coz they still believe all good girls don't even try to dream it
His parents are no better coz they still believe the myth
If you're born a certain color
That's the color you should be with


What do you do when your disease is someone else's ignorance
What do you do when your disease is someone else's hatred
What do you do when your disease is what you are?

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