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Breathe Under Water

This song is by The Caulfields.

Under the water, under the water
It's clearer than you think
Under the water, make me an offer
Confessions I can drink
I don't need to talk to him
I forgive myself (he's forgiven me) for everything he's done
In the gentle tides of lovers
Like the inside of a mother
You can even hear the silence of another
Breathe underwater, breathe underwater

He'll teach you not to laugh
There in the cellar, under the water
I crushed my grapes of wrath
You don't need to breathe the air
I can ask him but I doubt he'll even care

Under the water, under the water
I drift away to sleep
Breathe underwater, breathe underwater
And pray his soul to keep
I don't need to talk to him
He's forgiven me for everything he's done

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