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All Of My Young Life

This song is by The Caulfields.

All of my young life
Learning to crawl
All of my young life
Climbing your wall
All of my young life
A face in the mall
All of my young life
Nothing at all

I have some friends they treat me okay
They smoke cigarettes and they never get laid
They know that tomorrow won't be unlike today
All of my young life
Nothing to say

And all around me a pile is forming
A mountain of laundry to fold
All of my young life
I've waited for somehthing
A clothesline to let me take hold

I show no emotion' you won't see me cry
What's the commotion if everyone dies
Can't sing "My Generation" coz Pete Townshend's bi
All of my young life
It's been a lie

And all around me I smell something burning
It could be my brain on drugs
I look at the world and I don't see it turning
It just sits in this hole that's been dug

I'm no politician, I see through their game
It's my demographic they're tryhing to tame
They lump us together and they give us a name
"Rock the vote, you kids," and share in the blame
And all around me a mountain is forming
Of mysteries yet to unfold
All of my young life I've been left to wonder
Does anything change when you're old?

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