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This song is by The Cats and appears on the album 45 Lives (1970).

You were mine for so long
And your love was strong
And today I hear the churchbells ringing
But they don't ring for me

I was yours that was true
All mine love was for you
And today I hear the choir singing
But they don't sing for me

I see your face, your lovely face
As you passed me by
Don't look away you can look at me
You will never see me cry

In my dreams I could see
Like today you and me
And today I hear your lovely voice
As you say yes I will

Don't look back at a broken heart
I still hear you say
It was all right that we broke apart
Do you feel the same today

But today I hear your lovely voice
As you say: "Yes, I will"

Mmmmm, but I love you still

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