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This song is by The Cats and appears on the album The Complete Collection / Cats Top 100 (2003).

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If I didn't have a dime
And I didn't take the time to play the jukebox
Ohoho, Saturday-night
Would have been a sad and lonely night for me

And if I didn't see you there
Ruby lips and golden hair beside the jukebox
Ohoho, I then lost my change
To hold you while you danced with me

While the records turned and turned, we danced
And learned, our hearts that yearned for this
'Neath the moon and walked and walked
And talked of love and then we kissed


Now with every sweet caress
Oh, my darling, how I bless that little jukebox
Ohoho, that romantic scene
Wouldn't mean a single thing

Even though you're standing there
With ruby lips and golden hair
If I didn't have a dime and I didn't take the time
To play the jukebox


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