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I've Always Tried To Understand

This song is by The Cats and appears on the album Cats (1968).

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I've always tried to understand
The reason why our love must end
Why did she let me wait on our weekly Friday date?
I've been waiting rather long
And I knew that something had gone wrong

I'll never forget those happy days
Our love was growing in many ways
And when she sometimes said: 'My love for you has made me bad'
I just laughed and didn't see
That she meant she wasn't free like me

Now I've got your letter and I'm feeling very blue
Looking at a picture and the words you sent me too
This sweet little photograph just shows me everything
It's you with your husband and your kiddies snapped in spring

Now all at once I realize
The tears that I saw in her eyes
They were not always shed for happiness I thought she had
They showed other feelings too

Of a woman who knew she was untrue
Of a woman who knew she was untrue
Of a woman who knew she was untrue