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Don't Know Where To Go

This song is by The Cats and appears on the album Aglow (1971).

I don't where to go without you
An eagle picked my eyes they were blue
Dropped them somewhere down in Mexico
Then came back to me to let me know
Now the change of all can have a go

The moon is brown, the sky has turned to green
The stars are shining red on a yellow screen
Friends of mine they told me that it's true
My belief now just depends on you
Has the world turned into something new?

You don't have to love me anymore
Only stay the standby in my life
Be there with your shoulder when I feel like crying
Be there with your arms when I feel like dying

You don't need me though I do need you
Tell me when the morning has a dew
Help me through the jungle of the town
Help me now my feet have lost the ground
Only let me know you'll be around

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