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City Council

This song is by The Casualties and appears on the album Die Hards (2001).

Ciy officials lie on and on again
Down in my city, the rent has gone up again
Hide benind fakse words no more
What the fuck d you take us for

Council- you bastards control the waterfront
Don't let them tear you down

Tried to protest, it seems all invain
This rent increase I can't afford to pay
The place I live is hip today
In comes the rich the poor has t g away

Down at city hall I state my case
The city council has all been paid
They stand for the people, so they say
You filthy liars I hope you rot in hell

Council-You bastards control the waterfront
Don't let them tear you down

Rent control petitionsand off to court we go
The judge takes our side, our voice has been heard
The city knows of the council's illegal way's
This working man just won't go away

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