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She Was Never Really Mine To Lose

This song is by The Cascades and appears on the compilation Rhythms Of Their Reign, 1962-1966 (2002).

They say she's painting the town red even though she once said she'd be true
But here from my window the streets up and down are blue
Guess it's wrong for me to be crying
Guess I shouldn't hurt by the news
For she was never really mine to lose

They say she's never at home by night, staying until dawn lights up the sky
It's never the same the one, always a different guy
If she only what it feels like
Tossed away like an old pair of shoes
For she was never really mine to lose

So when they ask about her, what it's like without her, all will say
It hasn't been easy, but I'll love again someday
And I hope and pray she'll be happy
With some buddy, guy that she'll choose
For she was never really mine to lose
No, she was never really mine
To lose


Written by:

John Gummoe, Lenny Green

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