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The /b/allad Of Pear Chan

This song is by The CamPanulas and appears on the album Fizziks Enjinn (2009).

Becca, baby
Are you not aware what they've done to you?
Someone stole your image for the lulz

They cropped your face off
And pasted it on /b
Now every troll on there thinks that he has a chance in hell and you're beautiful

Becca, baby
They will get a shock when they see how much there is to love
But some will cherish you

And did you know you would end up here?
And do you think it's the place
For all of 4chan to hold you high
For the sweetness of your face

But how could they know when uncropped
They'd all be shocked to a man
By the sheer awesomeness of you Bae
So thanks for that, 4chan

And did the trolls once fall at your feet
Although anonymously
They fell in love with your sweet JPEG
They fell all over /b

And is not it true when revealed
Some still white knighted you?
Not so fickle the internet dude
Whose heart is mildly true

And did you pick that pyjama suit?
The one all green and red?
On reflection do you not think that
It should have been black instead?

And you don't accept any friend requests now
You had your fill of spam
And creepy chubby chaser dweebs
So thanks for that 4chan
So thanks for that 4chan
Thanks for nothing 4chan