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Dollar Store

This song is by The CamPanulas and appears on the album Fizziks Enjinn (2009).

He worked in the dollar store, the dollar store
He loved the teen girls even more
Than he loved dollars, in the dollar store

He kept puppies, round the back
The girls who went there said 'Alack!
That guy who wears the plastic mac,
In the dollar store is a man-whore'

Please Ma don't send me down
To that dollar store, no not anymore
I don't like the way he stares at me

He used be OK
In the dollar store, I am fairly sure
Till the day he heard I turned thirteen

Don't get wild, and don't tell Dad
He hasn't done a thing, I'm overreacting
It's just something I know I can feel

Ma, just don't send me there,
Send me somewhere else, send me anywhere
One dollar junk's lost all appeal

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