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Working Girl Blues

This song is by The Burns Sisters and appears on the album In This World (1997).

I've got the early Monday morning working blues
Guess I'll put on my ragged, worn-out working shoes
The weekend was too short, but I can't choose
When the Lord made the working girl, he made the blues

Well I'm tired of working my life away
And giving somebody else all of my pay
While they get rich on the profits I lose
And leave me here with the working girl blues

The boss said a raise is due most any day
But I wonder, will my hair be all turned gray
Before he turns that dollar loose and I get my due
And I lose a little bit of these working girl blues

I know there's a lot of working girls like me
Who are overworked and underpaid, you see
Now we all know that our pockets have been picked clean
So the rich can have their all-American dream

Working girl blues
And I can't even afford a new pair of shoes
While they can live in any penthouse they choose
And all that I've got are the working girl blues
I've got the working girl blues

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