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Stay Away From Me

This song is by The Burns Sisters and appears on the album In This World (1997).

You've been making eyes at me all evening
Standing closer than you oughta be
I have seen you here before,
Holding someone else's door
Mind if I ask you, where is she?

You didn't act like this last time I saw you
As I recall you never left her side
Just 'cause I don't see her here
Doesn't mean the coast is clear
My eyes are open wide

If you're not free, stay away from me
You can never be mine
Don't waste my time
If you've got someone else at home
And a heart that needs to roam
Then you're not free
Stay away from me

Not so long ago I had a true love
I didn't know just what I had back then
I played around and broke his heart
Our little world just fell apart
I won't be a part of that again

I could be tempted
But heartache's expensive
And I can't afford the misery if you're not free
No, I'm not into playing games,
Breaking hearts in Love's name
If you're not free, stay away from me

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