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I Won't Turn My Back

This song is by The Burns Sisters and appears on the album In This World (1997).

I can see it's the weight of the world
That you're carrying
There's a look in your eyes you just couldn't hide
When you walked in
And the rain keeps on pouring down
You're scared and you're thinking that you might drown
The water is rising so fast, you can't hold on

"I won't turn my back"
You always told me that
Now it's my turn to pull you through
Go ahead, close your eyes
There's a new sun on the rise
No, I won't turn my back on you

There were promises made
That got shattered and broken like mirrors and ice
And we saw ourselves turn cold to the trust
That we shared in our lives
But the heart can hold on to the past
Some of those dreams can be held up at last
This time the faith that we had will shine once again

I won't turn my back
No, I won't turn my back on you

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