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Can I Walk Away Tonight?

This song is by The Burns Sisters and appears on the album In This World (1997).

Tonight, I tell the truth and nothing but...
It's hard to admit, even to myself
There's nowhere I can run
When you look into my eyes
You see the deepest part of me

Can I walk away tonight?
Walking away from the love of my life
Turning my back when love's finally found me
I can't face that now

I vowed to live my life by the rules
But I'm living a lie
Because my heart belongs to you
How can I be on the edge
When I've already fallen?
There's nothing that can save me now

Can I walk away tonight?
Only to dream of you by my side
Never to show you all I've been feeling
For so long now

I love you
I know it's wrong
To live without you I must be strong

Can I walk away tonight?

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