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Atomic Power (1996)Edit

The Buchanan Brothers - Atomic Power

Atomic Power

  1. High Tempered Mama
  2. The Heartsick Blues
  3. Atomic Power
  4. (When You See) Those Flying Saucers
  5. The Silver Meteor
  6. There's a Power Greater Than Atomic
  7. Just Hangin' On
  8. Am I Still P-A-R-T of Your H-E-A-R-T
  9. Left by the Wayside
  10. My Little Boy Blue
  11. Hootin-Nanny Papa
  12. Then You'll Be the One to Cry
  13. Singing an Old Hymn
  14. Mama I'm Sick
  15. I Got Worries
  16. Don't Cry (My Coney Island Baby)
  17. Shut That Gate
  18. (When I Put On) My Long White Robe

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Also known as:

Buchanan Brothers and the Georgia Catamounts

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Band members:

  • Chester Buchanan (b.1924, d.1992)
  • Lester Buchanan (b.1920)


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