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The Brothers Four
This song is performed by The Brothers Four and appears on the album Try To Remember (1965) and on the album Silver Anniversary Concert (1987).
A Bradypus, or Sloth, am I, I live a life of ease
Contented not to do or die, but idle as I please
I have three toes on either foot, or half a doz. on both
With leaves and fruits, and shoots to east, how sweet to be a Sloth

The world is such a cheerful place when viewed from upside-down
It makes a rise of every fall, a smile of every frown
I watch the fleeting flutter by of butterfly or moth
And think of all the things I'd try if I were not a Sloth.

I could climb the very highest Hymalayas, be among the greatest tennis players,
win at chess or marry a Princess or study hard and be an eminant professor.
I could be a millionaire, play the clarinet, travel everywhere,
Learn to cook, catch a crook, win a war then write a book about it.
I could paint a Mona Lisa, I could be another Caesar.
Compose an oratorio that was sublime.
The door's not shut on my genius but I just don't have the time.

For days and days among the trees I sleep and dream and doze
Just gently swaying in the breeze suspended by my toes
While eager beavers overhead rush through the undergrowth
I watch the clouds beneath my feet; How sweet to be a Sloth.

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