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The Brilliant Green (1998)Edit

The Brilliant Green - The Brilliant Green
The Brilliant Green
  1. I'm in Heaven
  2. 冷たい花
  3. You & I
  4. Always and Always
  5. Stand By
  6. Magic Place
  7. I
  8. Baby London Star
  9. There Will Be Love There ~愛のある場所~
  10. Rock'n Roll

Terra 2001 (1999)Edit

The brilliant green - terra 2001
The Brilliant Green
  1. Bye! My Boy!
  2. 愛の♥愛の星
  3. Brownie the Cat ~魅惑の猫ルーム
  4. Call My Name (English Version)
  5. Maybe We Could Go Back to Then (76 Version)
  6. September Rain
  7. Funny Girlfriend!!
  8. Round and Round
  9. The Brilliant Green:そのスピードで\そのスピードで
  10. Can't Stop Cryin
  11. 長いため息のように

Los Angeles (2001)Edit

The Brilliant Green - Los Angeles
Los Angeles
  1. The Lucky Star ☆☆☆
  2. Yeah I Want You Baby
  3. Angel Song -イヴの鐘-
  4. サヨナラ summer is over
  5. ヒドイ雨
  6. ☆Falling Star in Your Eyes
  7. It's Up To You!
  8. 黒い翼
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Hello Another Way -それぞれの場所- (Album Mix)
  11. I Can Hold Your Hand Baby

The Winter Album (2002)Edit

The Winter Album
  1. intro -THE WINTER ALBUM-
  2. Holidays!
  3. Flowers
  4. I'M SO SORRY BABY(album mix)
  5. Forever to me ~終わりなき悲しみ~(album mix)
  6. That boy waits for me
  7. The night has pleasant time
  8. Day after day
  9. Rainy days never stays(album mix)
  10. I'M JUS' LOVIN' YOU(album mix)
  11. Running so high
  12. escape

Blackout (2010)Edit

The Brilliant Green - Blackout
  1. Blackout
  2. Black Dark Night
  3. I'm Sick of This Place
  4. Talk to Me
  5. Blue Daisy
  6. Break Free
  7. Going Underground
  8. Whirlwind
  9. Spring Gate
  10. Song 2
  11. I Just Can't Breathe
  12. Like Yesterday
  13. Blue Sunrise

Other SongsEdit

  1. Ash Like Snow
  2. Maybe We Can Go Back To Then
  3. Sono Supido De/Sono Speed De
  4. 冷たい花/roman

Additional information

Years active:

1995-2002, 2007-present

Band members:
  • 川瀬智子 (Tomoko Kawase) - vocals (1997-present)
  • 奥田 俊作 (Shunsaku Okuda)acoustic/rhythm guitar, bass (1997-present)
  • James (JJ) De Barrado - drums (2010-present)
  • James MacWhyte - bass (2010-present)
Former members:
  • 松井 亮 (Ryō Matsui)electric/lead guitar (1997–2010)
Related artists:
Record labels:

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