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Back To Higher Ground

This song is by The Briggs and appears on the album Back To Higher Ground (2006).

I'm introduced to a plague of ignorance
Might be my own but I can't be too sure
Looking to rescued with no sign of deliverance
That can't exist, it can't exist

Hearts can grow so cold
In the heat of the moment
It freezes over like the devil's abode

Don't look so troubled
You're the salt of the earth now
We can't regress, we can't regress

Back to higher ground
Reaching up, we won't back down

Hope can dry up like the LA river
But droughts never last forever
A thirst for more is just human nature
We can't regress, no we can't regress

Socially conscious or self-consciously social
Show my true colors like a waving flag
Make up in strife for direction that I lack
We can't regress, we can't regress

Dancing on the grave
To the sound of savage victory
With the power we possess
We can't regress, we can't regress

Sing a song of freedom
Pay homage to the fathers
That paved the way for sonic liberty
A note that rings so true in all of us
We can't regress, we can't regress


Written by:

Joseph Peter La Rocca

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