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Off You

This song is by The Breeders and appears on the album Title TK (2002).

I've laid this island sun a thousand times
I'm on it
But I'm going strange
This island's chills and shell cover me
With winded rock
And skies I've yet to see
I tried
I even sent in friends
They did it as a favour
'Cause I'm not that way
I am the autumn in the scarlet
I am the makeup on your eyes

I land to sail
Island sail
Yeah we're movin'
Yeah we're movin'
This island's sun I've laid a thousand times
Fortune me
Fortune me
Of all of my mistakes
I think I lent you late

But I've never seen a startlet
Or a riot or the violence of you

I land to sail
Island sail
Yeah we're movin'

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