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Over The Border

This song is by The Brandos and appears on the album Over The Border (2006).

And it's over the border
That I'm bound to fly
Where my heart will live
Till the day that I die
Far over the border I'll fly

When I was a boy - fifteen years of age
I traveled south through the sand and the sage
A sad, gray world was all that I left behind
And the endless cactus, their shadows cast
From a desert moon, as the miles flew past
Far over the border to the capitol I came
I couldn't believe the proud, ancient city
That stretched before my eyes
Nor was I ever prepared for what I'd find
I was embraced there, and take in there
And love as their own kind
The joy and astonishment will always be mine

Abuelito, Grandfather, I walked by your side
Brimming with such admiration and pride
Every morning regaled with the tales from your past
Abuelita, Grandmother, how can it be
That you gave so much to someone like me?
Mis Hermanos y Hermanas, your kindnesses flood my mind
Ay, Mama, oh Mother, like a son you cared for me
I remember it with a sigh
My tears fell just like rain whe you died
I was embraced there, and take in there
And love as their own kind
In a world impoverished of hope
They gave me this sign

Many years have gone by, the memories remain
Untarnished by time, undiminished the claim
Upon my heart, upon my soul - forever

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