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85 Insignificant Heartbeats

This song is by The Boys Of Summer and appears on the album What It's All About (2010).

I got a problem brewing in my hands
'Cause I planned for adventure and lived in the moments
Burdens fell on me the same way they fell on you
But I love that we can do the things we wanna do

Indulging all our vices, accept that it is what it is
Throw it all up in the air and let it fall into place
If we can build it up then well blow it up in the end
'Cause all I wanna do is relive the moments

I used to keep it all in my head
'Cause I had a dream that I wanted to share with the world
That you tried to take away
And the trouble with all of this is you will never admit

It's just too easy to quit and turn your back on all your friends
I used to keep it all in my head
All my dreams and the words you said
You never leave a damn thing unsaid

That being said were over it
I got all this time and more to lose
But not another minute wasted on you
'Cause you sing the blues it's your only tune

With your half hearted gratitude
And wouldn't you be proud if I fell into
A dark coma, I could pine for you
But you won't get that from me, no

No you won't get that from me, not one thing
I'd draw my name into the sands
Hoping that someone would walk by it
Hoping that somebody gave a shit

Tree tops the vodka sprung over it
Basing my name on a wall I take the big fall
I'm running down the hall
I have got to get over this, I have got to get over this

'Cause everybody comes and goes we know
Everybody thinks we need to show
A little more appreciation for their role but we don't


Written by:

Jon-Paul Bakaric; Kyle Jordan Mueller; Joshua Peter Waldorf; Mark Wayne Warren

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