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New Day

This song is by The Bouncing Souls and appears on the album Anchors Aweigh (2003).

People tell me they wake up every day
Wondering if they'll be here tomorrow
I say live for today
'Cause everything you have is just borrowed

No progress made, just sitting around
TV selling bullshit by the pound
Thing stay the same, are you afraid to ask why?
Fight to live, or are you waiting to die?

Changes coming our way
Just like a new day

These borrowed days, they come and go
We live on, reaping what we sow
Terror from the darkness of our minds
The self-destruction of mankind

We'd all like to see some change
But the shit, it falls like rain
We sit and watch the world turn gray
What's the point here anyway?

Changes coming our way
Just like a new day

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